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Proactive defense

Proactive defense

(also preemptive defense)

Proactive defense definition

Proactive defense is a framework or a wide range of different techniques and strategies designed to prevent future cyber attacks and prevent cyber attacks before they can cause significant harm. Not only that this approach helps to identify potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats, but it also is the most cost-effective.

Proactive defense measures

A proactive defense framework includes several measures that might come in handy for organizations that want to keep their cybersecurity at a top-notch level.

  1. Penetration testing and periodic vulnerability assessments help to discover potential weaknesses in systems, networks, or applications.
  2. User authentication protocols and strong access controls might prevent unauthorized access to valuable data.
  3. Investing in advanced threat protection and detection tools is advisable. Firewalls, antivirus software, and up-to-date intrusion detection systems are a must.
  4. Creating incident response plans and measures that will help respond to security incidents.
  5. Staff security awareness training must be conducted regularly to ensure a fast response to potential security threats.

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