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Privileged access workstation

Privileged access workstation

(also PAW)

Privileged access workstation definition

A privileged access workstation (PAW) is a dedicated computing environment that is used to secure virtual or physical workstations that handle sensitive tasks and data from cyberattacks and other threats.

Namely, with a privileged access workstation, users that perform tasks that are crucial for the business are separated from all other work that is not as sensitive in an effort to reduce the possibility of credential theft and malicious actors getting access to the data.

With a privileged access workstation, users add an extra security layer to their overall security strategy because only those who need to use the company’s sensitive data in their daily tasks have access to it, which significantly reduces the chances of said data getting leaked or hacked.

In addition, privileged access workstations can protect against operating system and application vulnerabilities, phishing, and malware attacks. Popular examples of privileged access workstations include Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365.

See also: virtual desktop infrastructure, sensitive information

Privileged access workstation requirements

  • Dedicated systems that are configured to provide advanced protection.
  • Hardware that is clean from any source media and is monitored at all times.
  • An automated and efficient method to perform security patching and updates as soon as they are available so that the system always uses the latest tech and security features.

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