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Private cloud storage

(also internal cloud storage)

Private cloud storage definition

Private cloud storage is a cloud computing model where a single organization manages its own isolated cloud infrastructure. Compared to public cloud services like Google Drive and Amazon Web Services, private cloud storage setups let organizations customize access, architecture, and security features in line with their needs.

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How private cloud storage works

Like public cloud solutions, private cloud storage relies on virtualization technologies to abstract physical hardware resources into virtual resources that can be accessed remotely.

However, in a private cloud storage environment, the infrastructure is exclusively owned, operated, and used by a single organization. This isolation ensures that resources are not shared with other organizations or users. To reinforce security, private cloud storage is typically hosted in the organization's own data centers.

Compared to public cloud solutions, private cloud storage requires significant upfront investment to develop the necessary infrastructure. Once these costs have been paid, however, private cloud storage can save organizations money over time in upkeep.

Private cloud storage uses

Private cloud storage solutions are frequently chosen by large organizations that deal with sensitive data or are subject to strict regulations — for example, healthcare companies, insurance businesses, and government agencies. These organizations are also better positioned to shoulder the costs of establishing and maintaining an isolated cloud infrastructure.