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(also permanent link)

Permalink definition

A permalink is the full URL of a website, post, or service that is expected to remain unchanged with the passage of time. Permalinks help avoid link rot, a situation where hyperlinks no longer point to the intended resource. A permalink is a type of persistent identifier, although the two terms are often used synonymously.

Permalink composition

Permalinks usually have at least two parts — the website domain name and the slug. The domain name indicates where the content of the link is hosted. The slug typically describes the content of the link — for an article, it can be the title, the date it was published, or its reference number in the website’s database.

The domain name and the slug are separated by a slash. For example, in, “” is the domain name and “/slug/” is the slug.

Permalinks vs dynamic links

Unlike permalinks, dynamic links have parts that are pulled from databases using scripts. Because of this, their URL addresses are usually much longer than permalinks, making them difficult to view in search results or manually paste into your browser’s address bar.

In contrast, permalinks are usually written concisely to describe the content to human readers.

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