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Perimeter security

(also network security)

Perimeter security definition

Perimeter security refers to the measures that protect a network’s perimeter from unauthorized access, invasion, and data theft. It involves the application of multiple technologies and regulations to secure a company’s network boundaries against outside attacks. It entails implementing firewalls to filter and observe network activity, intrusion detection/prevention systems to find and block unauthorized access or suspicious behavior, and VPNs to offer secure remote access. Other measures include using access controls to limit network and system access based on user identification and authorization, security information and event management systems to track and analyze network traffic and security events, and WAFs to keep web apps safe.

Advantages of perimeter security

  • Defense against external threats. It provides the first protection line against external threats like malware, hackers, and other cyberattacks.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards. Perimeter security can assist businesses in achieving data protection and cybersecurity regulations.
  • Decreased danger from data breaches. By assisting in preventing unauthorized access to the company’s network and systems, perimeter security contributes to reducing the likelihood of data breaches and data theft.
  • Early recognition of security risks. Intrusion detection and prevention systems, for example, can identify and respond to security threats before they can do much harm.

Disadvantages of perimeter security

  • A false sense of security. Putting all security efforts on perimeter security can create a false sense of security, making users forget about other security precautions like personnel security training and data protection rules.
  • Technology constraints. Firewalls and intrusion detection systems to identify and stop new or advanced attacks may come with limitations.
  • Price and complexity. Implementing and maintaining perimeter security can be difficult and expensive, which calls for specialized equipment, software, and employees.