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Patch definition

A patch refers to a software update designed to fix a specific bug or improve security. Patches can include minor bug fixes, software security patches, or expand the functionality of the application.

Why patches are important

While companies are most proud of their newest software iteration (Windows 10, Windows 11), the real security improvements are made with patches (11.001, 11.002). This means that the developers keep testing their software and continue to plug security holes hackers may exploit in their attacks. This is why it’s imperative to update your software as soon as possible.

The benefits of patches

  • Security. Users are often urged to keep their software up to date because patches significantly increase security.
  • Stability. Patches can prevent software from glitching or freezing.
  • Compatibility. A patch can enable software compatibility with other apps, devices, and networks.
  • Performance. Patches often increase software performance and may reduce its load on the device.
  • Functionality. Sometimes patches can also add new features as well as expand current functionality.