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Network software

Network software

Network software definition

Network software coordinates communication between computers and other devices. It has different tools – from operating system utilities to specialized programs. They all strive to provide stable data transmission, security, and connectivity. So, think of such software as the backbone for smooth digital operations.

See also: network infrastructure, software-defined networking

Use cases of network software

  • Remote work. Software like VPNs helps to access company resources from anywhere securely. It improves data protection while working from anywhere.
  • Monitoring internet traffic. Programs such as Wireshark let IT teams observe real-time data flow. This practice can identify potential threats.
  • Secure file transfers. Businesses can send large datasets or sensitive documents with FileZilla or similar FTP clients. They help to minimize the risk of a data breach.
  • Infrastructure setup. When installing routers or switches, a program like Cisco IOS is essential. Its main purpose – efficient web operations.
  • Vulnerability assessments. Network software scans for open ports and potential weaknesses. That allows IT teams to address such vulnerabilities immediately.

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