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Network management system

Network management system

(also NMS, network management software, network management platform)

Network management system definition

A network management system (NMS) is software that allows network administrators to monitor, maintain, and manage computer networks. It covers wired and wireless networks, routers, servers, and other types of networks. A network management system provides a centralized platform to monitor and control the network’s performance, identify and resolve any issues that may arise, as well as optimize the available network resources. Organizations primarily utilize network management systems to increase scalability, improve performance, and boost security.

See also: management information base, wireless network security

Key features of a network management system

  • Monitoring. A network management system can monitor the traffic on the network, as well as bandwidth use, device performance, and other metrics that can be used as a basis for identifying potential problems.
  • Error detection and analysis. Aside from detecting the issues, a network management system can analyze them and provide an adequate response.
  • Security. A network management system can monitor the network security and identify any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Alerts. These systems can generate reports on the performance of the network and any issues tied to it, allowing administrators to have a real-time view of the functionality of the network, including all updates and notifications.

Benefits of network management systems

  • Lowers costs. A network management system can reduce hiring and, subsequently, payroll costs considering one administrator can run the network.
  • Increases productivity. Considering users get an immediate alert for any type of malfunction, the company’s productivity can keep the same pace without slowing down.
  • Improves security. With immediate alerts, network administrators will quickly get updates on any breaches or malware, thus being able to promptly resolve any security threats.

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