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(also Citrix ADC)

NetScaler definition

NetScaler, now known as Citrix ADC, is a high-performance application delivery controller (ADC). Primarily, it optimizes, secures, and controls the delivery of enterprise and cloud services. It also serves as a load balancer, SSL VPN, and content switch. As a result, NetScaler is a useful tool for enhancing application performance and web traffic distribution across servers.

See also: load balancer, SSL encryption

NetScaler examples

  • Load balancing: NetScaler effectively balances the workload across multiple servers, ensuring smooth operations even during heavy traffic.
  • Web application firewall: It provides robust security measures to protect web applications from cyber threats.
  • SSL offloading: It assists in enhancing the server's performance by taking on the processing of SSL encryption and decryption.

Advantages and disadvantages of NetScaler


  • Versatility: NetScaler offers many services, such as load balancing, SSL VPN, content switching, and more.
  • Enhanced performance: It optimizes application delivery, leading to improved server performance.
  • Security: It provides robust security measures such as a web application firewall and protection against DDoS attacks.


  • Complexity: Due to its numerous functionalities, NetScaler can be complex and require extensive knowledge to set up and manage.
  • Cost: High-end functionalities of NetScaler come with a substantial price tag.

Using NetScaler

  • Understanding the requirements of your application and infrastructure is crucial before integrating NetScaler.
  • Utilizing NetScaler’s inbuilt analytics can assist in understanding traffic patterns and performance metrics.