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Multipartite virus

Multipartite virus

Multipartite virus definition

Multipartite malware is a computer threat that infiltrates a system through various attack routes. It combines traits of different malicious software types. That’s why such a virus is highly adaptable and difficult to detect. It propagates via compromised files, downloads, or bootable media. This results in significant harm to the system.

See also: computer virus, polymorphic malware

Use cases of multipartite virus

  1. Corporate environments. Multipartite malware can infiltrate networks through infected email attachments. It can compromise sensitive data and cause extensive financial damage.
  2. Individual users. Multipartite malware can stealthily infect a user’s computer when distributed via malicious software downloads on the internet. That allows cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to personal information and execute various cyberattacks.
  3. Offline systems. Using compromised USB drives, Multipartite malware can endanger critical infrastructure or isolated networks by exploiting security vulnerabilities.
  4. Mobile devices. Multipartite malware can target mobile devices by disguising itself as legitimate apps. It can compromise user privacy and lead to identity theft or unauthorized access to personal data.
  5. Gaming platforms. Multipartite malware may infiltrate gaming platforms, compromising user accounts and virtual assets. Ultimately, it can impact the gaming experience and cause financial losses.

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