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Moves, adds, and changes

(also MAC, move-add-change)

Moves, adds, and changes definition

Moves, adds, and changes are routine actions that tech teams have to take in order to keep the equipment running, up to date, and in line with user requirements.

See also: network administrator, network infrastructure

Moves, adds, and changes actions

  • Moves: A “move” involves the relocation of existing resources or equipment from one physical location to another (for example, by physically moving servers to another room in the building). Moves can occur for any number of reasons, including office relocations, infrastructure upgrades, or organizational changes. The process of moving covers all related secondary tasks, such as disconnecting cables, packaging equipment, reinstalling any required software, and updating the network configuration.
  • Adds: An “add” involves the addition of new resources or equipment to the existing infrastructure — for example, deploying new servers, connecting new workstations, or installing new software. Just like with moves, the process of adding covers all related secondary tasks like physical installation and network configuration.
  • Changes: A “change“ is a modification to the existing resources or equipment that does not involve physically relocating any assets. Examples of changes include adjusting firewall rules, modifying IP address assignments, upgrading software versions, and implementing new security protocols.