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Mobile web

Mobile web

Mobile web definition

The mobile web refers to accessing and using the internet on various mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and some types of computer devices. In cybersecurity, the mobile web brings a set of security concerns and challenges due to the portable nature of these devices, the operating systems they use, and other mobile-specific apps and browsers.

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Common mobile web applications in cybersecurity:

Mobile web application firewalls (WAFs): Due to the vulnerable nature of mobile devices, the market offers WAFs equipped with functions that monitor, filter, or block malicious HTTP traffic that targets mobile-responsive sites or applications in order to protect against common web-based attacks.

Mobile web browsers: Specifically designed websites for mobile have vulnerabilities that differ from those that desktop computers carry. Unfortunately, they can be targets for various known attacks, such as phishing, malicious redirects, or even drive-by downloads.

Mobile-responsive websites: Some websites are designed to adapt their unique layout according to the device accessing them. These websites carry specific vulnerabilities, especially when they are not appropriately designed. They are susceptible to attacks like cross-site scripting (XSS) or SQL injections.

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