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Local area connection

(also local area connections, LAN connection)

Local area connection definition

A local area connection is a network connection established to access the internet. It activates automatically during the setup of a Windows device. A local area connection was introduced as a feature by Windows, which is why it is typically associated with it.

The system detects a network adapter when a user installs Windows, creating a local area connection. The connection shows in the “Network connections” folder and remains active (unless disabled).

How local area connections work

  • The Windows system activates a local area connection by default when Windows is being set up.
  • The system assigns the network adapter a connection through which the user can access and browse the internet.
  • The user can create several local area networks through the “Network connections” folder.

How to check your local area connection

If you’re experiencing network problems, you may want to check your local area connection. Here’s how to do that:

  • Select the “Start” button.
  • Select “Control panel.”
  • Choose “Network connections.”
  • Right-click on “Local area connections.”
  • Select “Status.”
  • The window will show you more information about your local area connection, such as speed and duration.