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Jank definition

Jank is flaws or poor-quality processes that cause slow reaction times for software or that obstruct user activities. Most of these are concerned with the rapidity or fluidity of interface performance manipulation. This phrase has gained use over time for discussing the operation of a software application or interface and the level of quality included in it. A jank-free rolling interface scrolls seamlessly and responds instantly to user events. On the other hand, jank is when the scrolling interface is choppy or slow, leading to a negative user experience.

Tips on fixing jank:

  • Investigate the cause of long milliseconds (ms) times.
  • To avoid blocking the user interface, lengthy operations should be executed asynchronously. It's important to keep track of which thread your code runs on and pay attention when sending non-trivial tasks to the main thread.
  • Instrumentation tests that detect sluggish render times should be written if your app's primary UI is complicated and you want to run the tests regularly to avoid regressions.