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Jailbreaking definition

A term used to describe the removal of restricted mode on iPhones. It allows users to make changes to the system and download and install third-party apps on their devices. While it is not illegal, Apple strongly opposes jailbreaking and it is likely to void the device’s warranty.

Jailbreaking advantages

  • No need to wait for Apple to approve new apps and software — users can install it themselves.
  • Increased personalization: change the default browser or add more icons on the home screen. Advanced users can even fix annoying bugs.

Jailbreaking disadvantages

  • Increased chances of downloading malware instead of an actual app.
  • You will have to pay for repairs, even if your device is still technically under warranty.
  • It’s very easy to mess up your system, and then you’ll have to deal with crashes, bugs, and constant battery drain.

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