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(also IT service management)

ITSM definition

ITSM is the delivery of IT as a service to a customer. All the steps taken to plan, develop, implement, and maintain IT services fall under this category. The primary idea behind IT service management is that IT itself is a service that should be provided to customers. Requesting new hardware is a common IT service desk scenario. An automated process would be set in motion once a request is submitted and a ticket with all the necessary details is created. The next step is for the ticket to be placed in the IT department’s queue, where tickets are prioritized based on their severity. IT service management teams are in charge of every piece of hardware and software used in an organization.

ITSM processes

  • Service request management. A repeatable system for addressing client service requests such as software updates, application access, and hardware upgrades.
  • Knowledge management. It creates, shares, uses, and manages an organization’s knowledge and information.
  • IT asset management (ITAM). The process of accounting for, maintaining, upgrading, deploying, and disposing of an organization’s assets.
  • Incident management. Restores a service after an unanticipated event or interruption.
  • Problem management. Identifies and manages IT service incidents.
  • Change management. Guarantees efficient and fast handling of all IT infrastructure changes, managing current ones, or fixing code errors.

Benefits of ITSM

  • Using success metrics to make sure IT teams are in line with business goals.
  • Getting different departments to work together.
  • Getting IT teams to share knowledge and keep getting better.
  • Getting better at coordinating requests for better service.
  • Putting the customer first by offering self-service and making processes better.
  • Quicker incident response and prevention.
  • Bringing IT and development teams together through streamlined project management.

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