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IP surveillance

IP surveillance

(also IP based surveillance, Internet Protocol surveillance)

IP surveillance definition

IP surveillance is a digital version of CCTV. In IP surveillance, an IP camera captures video and then distributes the footage via an IP network. Unlike CCTV cameras, IP cameras don’t need a local recording device — a LAN is enough. IP surveillance is gaining popularity in home security because it’s easy to set up.

Real IP surveillance attack examples

Over four and a half years, Telesforo Aviles, an ADT Security technician, hacked home cameras of over 200 customers. He targeted women he found attractive and secretly watched them as they dressed or engaged in sexual activities.

In 2020, Ashley LeMay sued Ring after her home camera was hacked and a stranger started talking to her 8-year-old daughter through the camera’s microphone.

Stopping IP surveillance attacks

  • Safeguard your Wi-Fi with a guest network and use strong and unique passwords.
  • Keep your IP surveillance system’s software up to date.
  • Research the IP surveillance system before purchase.

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