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IP Centrex

IP Centrex

(also Internet Protocol Central Exchange)

IP Centrex definition

IP Centrex is a cloud-based telephony service. Businesses use it for VoIP-based communication to avoid having all the necessary equipment on-site. IP Centrex centralizes telecommunication services, allowing companies to manage multiple locations and services through a single provider.

See also: internet telephony, VoIP

How IP Centrex works

IP Centrex works by routing calls through the internet and converting voice signals into digital packets. These packets bypass traditional phone lines and travel over broadband. This way, service providers host the necessary infrastructure themselves, eliminating the need for businesses to invest in physical equipment and its maintenance.

Advantages of using IP Centrex

  • Because there’s no need for on-site equipment, it reduces the company’s spending.
  • It’s easy to scale depending on business needs.
  • Creates unified communication through voice, video, and data services.
  • Remote employees can access services from anywhere.
  • Service providers handle all updates and maintenance.

Disadvantages of using IP Centrex

  • Quality of the services highly depends on a stable internet connection.
  • Must be properly secured to avoid potential vulnerabilities.
  • Some providers offer limited customization options.

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