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IoT middleware

IoT middleware

(Also Internet of Things middleware)

IoT middleware definition

IoT middleware is the software that makes communication between different components possible.

IoT middleware examples

  • Database middleware
  • Application server middleware
  • Message-oriented middleware
  • Web middleware

IoT middleware security issues

  • The limited computing power of IoT devices make security difficult to implement
  • IoT devices come with the same default logins
  • The search engine for IoT devices makes it easy for hackers to find and log in to them.

IoT middleware attacks

In 2020, a security company found that hackers could break into a smartwatch targeted at elderly users and send notifications at will.

In 2021, a cybersecurity company found that Ring doorbells could be hacked if attackers accessed the network the device uses.

Stopping IoT middleware attacks

  • Change your IoT device password
  • Keep your devices updated.
  • Create an offline Wi-Fi LAN.

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