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Inverse multiplexer

Inverse multiplexer

(also IMUX)

Inverse multiplexer definition

An inverse multiplexer (IMUX) splits a high-speed data stream into lower-speed ones. This allows the transmission of information over slower but less expensive communication lines. IMUX effectively aggregates the bandwidth of these lines and simulates a faster connection.

Use cases of Inverse multiplexer

  • Enhancing internet bandwidth. An IMUX can combine multiple slower internet connections into a single, faster one. This is a help for businesses with limited high-speed internet options.
  • Broadcasting Video Streams. An IMUX allows the transmission of high-quality video streams over multiple lower-bandwidth lines. Such a setup ensures smooth video delivery.
  • Remote work connectivity. For remote work setups, an IMUX can be used to aggregate several slower home internet connections. This can be an enhancement to the overall connectivity.
  • Telecommunications backhaul. Telecom operators use IMUX to consolidate multiple low-speed links for backhaul purposes. That optimizes the use of existing infrastructure.
  • Disaster recovery systems. An IMUX ensures continuous data flow in disaster recovery scenarios by distributing across multiple channels.

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