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Intelligent character recognition

Intelligent character recognition

(also ICR)

Intelligent character recognition definition

Intelligent character recognition (ICR) refers to a technology that uses machine learning algorithms to recognize handwritten characters and convert them into digital text. It is used to automate data entry from handwritten forms, such as surveys, applications, and other paper-based documents. ICR is a type of optical character recognition (OCR), a technology that recognizes printed text.

Intelligent character recognition examples:

  • Automated forms. ICR can extract data from paper-based forms, such as application forms, tax forms, and surveys.
  • Handwritten document digitization. It can convert handwritten documents, such as historical documents and personal notes, into searchable and editable digital text.
  • Processing checks. ICR can recognize handwritten text on a check and help make a deposit.

How does intelligent character recognition work?

  1. Image capture. The handwritten document or form is scanned or photographed to create a digital image.
  2. Pre-processing. The digital image is pre-processed to enhance the quality of the image and remove any background noise or artifacts that may interfere with character recognition.
  3. Character segmentation. The image is analyzed to locate each individual character and separate it from the surrounding text.
  4. Feature extraction. The characteristics of each individual character are analyzed and encoded into a mathematical representation.
  5. Pattern recognition. The encoded characteristics of each character are compared to a pre-existing database of known characters to identify the closest match.
  6. Probability analysis. The probability of each identified character is calculated based on the characteristics of the character and the database of known characters.
  7. Output. The recognized characters are converted into digital text and output for further processing or analysis.

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