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Integration architecture

Integration architecture

Integration architecture definition

Integration architecture is the design and structure organizations use to connect different software applications, systems, and technologies to work together efficiently. It covers various aspects — from defining how data is shared to outlining how different software systems interact.

See also: continuous integration and continuous deployment

Key aspects of integration architecture

  • Data exchange — Integration architecture sets clear data-sharing rules for sharing data between different applications and systems (such as specifying data format, transformation, and validation).
  • System interactions — Integration architecture outlines how different software programs communicate. It may set rules for how software programs send and receive messages (communication protocols) and help them connect (through middleware).
  • Message brokering — Message brokers or middleware help messages travel between computer systems. These tools can line up messages in a queue, determine where messages must go, and translate them if needed.
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) — In some integration plans, software parts are designed like building blocks. These parts, called services, work independently and can be used in different programs.
  • Security and authentication — Integration architecture includes security measures to protect data and ensure only authorized systems can access or modify information (e.g., authentication and encryption).
  • Scalability and performance — It addresses how integration solutions can grow to handle increasing data loads and maintain performance as the organization grows.
  • Error handling and monitoring — Integration architecture handles the error mechanisms that deal with issues arising during data exchange or system interactions. It also includes monitoring and logging to track the performance and health of integrated systems.

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