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Integrated circuit

Integrated circuit

(also IC, chip, microchip)

Integrated circuit definition

A system of electrical circuits embedded on a small, usually silicon wafer. These circuits can consist of thousands of resistors, transistors, diodes, capacitors, and other components of very small, even microscopic size. Integrated circuits are widely used in modern technology, enabling manufacturers to produce slim and efficient electronic devices. Microchips have been evolving for years, becoming simultaneously smaller, faster, and more complex.

The most common example of an integrated circuit is a computer processor (CPU), which consists of millions of tiny electrical devices that form a complex circuit. Today, microchips are used virtually everywhere, including our smart personal devices and household appliances like microwaves and washing machines. ,

Types of integrated circuits

Integrated circuits can be divided into three groups: analog, digital, and mixed signal.
  • Analog (linear) ICs operate on analog signals and produce analog outputs. They are mainly used in devices such as audio amplifiers.
  • Digital ICs operate on boolean inputs and can perform logic functions. They are used in computers.
  • Mixed-signal ICs consist of both analog and digital circuits. They are used in such technology as cell phones and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

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