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Hybrid IT management

Hybrid IT management

(also Integrated Multi-Environment IT Governance)

Hybrid IT management definition

In cybersecurity, hybrid IT management can be explained as an overall administration and strategic coordination of organization IT infrastructure components that covers on-premise systems, hybrid cloud environments, and edge systems. Hybrid IT management coordination optimizes resource allocations, ensures seamless integration, and employs security measures across hybrid environments.

See also: network access control

Hybrid IT management applications in cybersecurity:

Centralized threat detection and response: Hybrid IT management manages operations centrally, enabling the collection of security event data from multiple sources, thus leading to efficient threat detection.

Unified security policy enforcement: One of the Hybrid IT management advantages is a consistent security policy implementation throughout different IT environments, meaning that the same security frameworks and standards are applied to both on-premise and cloud systems.

Data protection: Hybrid IT management ensures data protection measures across hybrid environments compatible with regulatory frameworks.

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