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Hot data

Hot data definition

Hot data refers to information that is frequently accessed and used in current operations. It’s often stored in high-speed storage for quick retrieval. Hot data is vital for real-time processing and decision-making. Businesses and applications typically prioritize it for immediate analysis and action.

See also: cold data, hot site

History of hot data

The evolution of the concept of hot data coincided with the digital revolution and advancements in storage technology. In the early stages, managing information was straightforward, but as volumes surged, categorizing based on access frequency became vital.

Hot data, known for being frequently accessed, requires storage on fast, expensive mediums for quick retrieval. Its importance increased with the rise of real-time processing and analytics.

Use cases of hot data

  • E-commerce personalization. In e-commerce, hot data provides real-time personalization of user experiences.
  • Financial trading. In financial markets, hot data assists in real-time trading decisions.
  • Healthcare monitoring. In healthcare, hot data is vital for real-time patient monitoring and diagnostics.