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Hosted virtual desktop

(also HVD)

Hosted virtual desktop definition

A hosted virtual desktop allows you to access a computer's workspace anywhere. This service stores your files and programs on a remote internet server maintained by IT specialists. It provides a centralized computing environment. Such an approach offers higher flexibility and improved security. It also reduces the need for expensive hardware.

See also: virtual desktop infrastructure, virtual machine cluster

Use cases of a hosted virtual desktop

  1. 1.Remote work. Employees can access their workstations from anywhere, enabling collaboration across different locations.
  2. 2.Educational institutions. They use virtual desktops to give students access to learning resources.
  3. 3.Healthcare data handling. Health professionals can securely access patient records and applications from various devices.
  4. 4.IT management. IT departments efficiently control and update software across the organization without physically accessing each computer.
  5. 5.Business continuity. Hosted virtual desktops allow companies to maintain smooth business operations during disruptions.