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(also Frankenmac)

Hackintosh definition

A Hackintosh is a home-built version of an Apple Macintosh computer with the Mackintosh operating system (macOS or MacOS X) configured and modified to run on regular PC hardware.

Hackintosh advantages

  • Lower price. Original Mac computers are expensive, while getting off-the-shelf hardware could save you a significant amount of money.
  • Customization. With more flexibility offered by the traditional PC hardware, you can build the computer that you want and need with the components of your choice.
  • Upgradability. Most Apple computers are not upgradable, but a Hackintosh is just a regular PC, so you can increase its performance by installing your preferred components. As time goes by and your needs change, you can always replace and upgrade the parts of your Hackintosh.
  • Gaming. You can choose a specific motherboard, processor, video card, and other components for an ultimate gaming experience while enjoying the perks of a macOS.

Hackintosh disadvantages

  • Difficult to build. MacOS is challenging to install and configure. You will need to buy specific hardware components that are compatible with MacOS and follow an installation process that is lengthy and provides no guarantee your Hackintosh will work.
  • Some advantages are lost. An intuitive interface and a stable operating system are what sell Apple computers. However, their flawless operation relies primarily on the Mac hardware. Some hardware configurations on a Hackintosh won’t work or will present issues.
  • Legally dubious. MacOS is not sold separately, and even if you buy a Mac computer, you become the owner of the hardware but not the software, which is only licensed to the buyer. Therefore, running it on a regular PC is unlawful, let alone unauthorized by Apple.
  • No customer support. If you encounter problems, you will receive no help from Apple, because technically, you are not its customer.
  • No software updates. Updating software may cause serious issues or even a breakdown of your Hackintosh. Once you get it working, it is better to steer clear from any updates or changes.