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GPS jamming

GPS jamming definition

GPS jamming is the deliberate disruption of Global Positioning System (GPS) signals.

The GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that provides location and timing information worldwide. GPS jamming involves emitting radio frequency signals on the same frequencies GPS satellites use, overpowering or drowning out authentic signals.

GPS jamming is illegal in many countries because it can affect navigation systems in vehicles, aircraft, and ships, potentially leading to accidents or loss of life. Authorities employ various measures to detect and mitigate GPS jamming incidents to maintain the integrity of the GPS.

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When GPS jamming occurs

  • Criminal activities. Jamming can be used by criminals to interfere with GPS tracking devices used in vehicles, making it challenging for law enforcement to track their movements.
  • Privacy concerns. Individuals may attempt to jam GPS signals to protect their privacy by preventing their location from being tracked.
  • Military operations. Jamming can be a countermeasure to disrupt enemy GPS systems, rendering their navigation and targeting systems ineffective.
  • Unauthorized activities. GPS jamming can also be used by unauthorized personnel to disrupt legitimate operations or to interfere with critical infrastructure, relying on GPS for precise timing and synchronization.