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Globbing definition

Globbing is using wildcard characters (asterisks and question marks) to request or evaluate sets of files with the same partial sets of characters. Globbing allows users to expand a search for non-specific file names. The two most common forms of globbing are using a question mark to represent a specific unnamed character in the file and using an asterisk to look for a continuous string of characters. Globbing can be used to search for file content or match filenames.

Wildcards explained

  • Asterisk (*): matches any characters in a filename.
  • Question mark (?): matches a single character in a filename.

Globbing examples

  • A user may type an asterisk (*) to search for all files in the current directory.
  • Typing “*.html” to search for all files ending in “.html.”
  • Typing “*notes*” to search for all files containing “notes” in their name.
  • Typing “../*” to find all files in the parent directory.
  • Typing “some?file” to bring up all files, starting with “some” and ending with “file,” with one character in between the two words.
  • Typing “*wise*” will find all files with the word “wise” in their name.

Globbing in hacking

Hackers may use globbing for denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Because globbing can require many server resources to look for several different files, creating vague globbing commands can deplete server resources.,

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