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Generic access network

Generic access network

(also GAN)

Generic access network definition

A generic access network (GAN) is a system that makes it possible for your mobile device to connect to the internet or make calls using different types of networks. For example, if you’re at home or in a library, it uses Wi-Fi. When you’re on the move, it switches to cellular networks. GAN ensures you’re always connected — and can even save you money by picking the best network.

See also: cellular network, wireless wide area network

How generic access network works

  1. GAN starts by checking what networks are available around your smartphone.
  2. It chooses the best network based on how fast it is, how much it costs, and signal strength. For example, if Wi-Fi is strong and affordable, it connects through Wi-Fi.
  3. As you move around, GAN continuously checks which network is best and smoothly switches between them. So, if you can no longer reach the Wi-Fi you were connected to, it seamlessly shifts to cellular without interrupting your calls or browsing.

Generic access network benefits

  • GAN can save you money by using Wi-Fi when it’s available, which is often cheaper than cellular data.
  • It improves coverage because you can use any accessible network, so you’re not limited to just one type.
  • GAN ensures good call quality and internet speed, even when switching between networks.

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