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Fully qualified domain name

(also FQDN)

Fully qualified domain name definition

A Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is a complete address that identifies an exact location within the hierarchical system of the internet. It comprises both the hostname and the realm name. Thus, providing a thorough path to a specific computer or online resource.

See also: hostname

Use cases of fully qualified domain name

  • Website hosting. An FQDN allows users to access internet pages. It directs a browser to the server hosting the site's files.
  • Email services. Email systems use FQDNs to route messages to the correct server. This ensures that messages reach the intended recipient.
  • Network server identification. In a corporate network, fully qualified domain names identify individual servers. It's an efficient way to manage them.
  • Remote Access. FQDN allows users to connect to a specific computer or server from anywhere.
  • Virtual Private Networks. VPNs use fully qualified domain names to establish secure connections.