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FTP proxy

FTP proxy

(also File Transfer Protocol proxy)

FTP proxy definition

The FTP proxy is a server or software component that allows sending files over the internet safely. Usually, it’s used for communication and file transfers between a computer and a server. However, you can also use it for other devices, not just computers.

The FTP proxy uses the File Transfer Protocol to send files safely. It allows you to set functions to protect your network or system from cyber attacks. Also, you can use an FTP proxy to set guidelines and determine what kind of files users can download and upload on your networks or systems.

See also: data transfer, encrypted file transfer

Address space examples

  • Can send large files with no problems.
  • Provides better security for organizations and ensures that their files are safe online.
  • Streamlines the file-sharing process and optimizes workflows.
  • Improves control and gives organizations authority over their data.
  • Can create and store automatic backups.
  • With an FTP proxy, organizations can easily restore data when they need it.

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