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FileRepMalware definition

FileRepMalware is a tag that many antivirus programs assign to potentially dangerous files. It appears as a message from an antivirus provider to indicate that malware has infected your device. The malware can be relatively harmless (like adware that generates ads on your browser), but it can also carry a great risk.

See also: bloatware

FileRepMalware occurrence

Antivirus programs assign the FileRepMalware tag to files that meet certain criteria:

  • The file exhibits suspicious activity. It may attempt to replicate itself, modify system files, or communicate with suspicious servers.
  • The file does not have a signature or is signed by a publisher that the antivirus program does not trust.
  • The file has not been added to the antivirus clean set (the allowlist of harmless files).
  • The file is not well known — very few people have tried to download, launch, or use it.

Types of FileRepMalware

FileRepMalware is not a specific type of malicious software. Rather, it is a generic label that may be applied to different kinds of malware, such as:

  • Trojan. A malicious code or software that secretly gathers information about you.
  • Adware. Software designed to generate ads on your desktop or browser. It may slow down the computer’s performance and compromise your privacy.
  • PUP, or potentially unwanted programs. Auto-installed software that slows down your device and may be difficult to remove.

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