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Exit node

Exit node

Exit node definition

An exit node is a participant in a network that acts as a gateway for traffic to exit the network and enter the public internet. The operation of an exit node inside a distributed network presents various complex challenges due to policy lagging behind technological advances.

Protection tips for exit node runners in a distributed network

Ensure running a node is legal in your country.

Collocate your data.

Ask for a distinct IP address from your ISP for your node.

Do not route your internet traffic through the node’s IP address.

Inform your ISP of your plans to run a node in a distributed network. Some ISPs dislike node operating.

Don’t save sensitive data on your node’s computer.

Be transparent about your exit node. Add your IP address to the regional internet registry.

Always tell claimants you’re running a node and ask for proof that they have the right to represent the organization.

Don’t log node traffic. It shows you are merely a relay for information traveling through your node and preserves the user’s privacy.

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