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Evolution Data Only

Evolution Data Only

(also EVDO, EV-DO Evolution Data Optimized)

Evolution Data Only definition

Evolution Data Only (also known as Evolution-Data Optimized) is a telecommunications standard for wireless transmission using radio signals. Evolution Data Only improves upon the CDMA2000 (Code Division Multiple Access 2000) standard and can provide high-speed data transmission capabilities over CDMA networks.

Evolution Data Only was developed in response to the growing need for faster data transmission on mobile devices like smartphones and laptops. Being part of the CDMA2000 family of standards, Evolution Data Only is a 3G technology. It is being replaced by 4G and 5G technologies in many parts of the world.

Evolution Data Only versions

  • EV-DO Rev. 0 (Release 0) was the initial version of the Evolution Data Only standard. Compared to earlier CDMA technologies like 1xRTT (1x Radio Transmission Technology), it offered a substantial increase in data speeds, with download speeds in the range of 400-700 Kbps. However, it had issues with symmetric upload speeds and latency, making it less ideal for real-time applications.
  • EV-DO Rev. A (Revision A) was an enhancement of the original Evolution Data Only standard. EV-DO Rev. A brought upload speeds up to 350-500 Kbps and download speeds up to 3.1 Mbps, reduced latency issues, and provided more support for real-time applications like voice over IP (VoIP).

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