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(also EOS)

End-of-Support definition

End-of-Support is the stage when a product, be it software or hardware, stops receiving updates and technical help from its creator. That means no more updates, maintenance, bug fixes, or technical support from its manufacturer or developer. After this date, using the product can pose potential risks, especially if it's software. Any undiscovered vulnerabilities will remain unpatched.

Users should replace products before they reach their EOS to ensure security, compatibility, and support. Manufacturers usually warn users so they can prepare.

What does end-of-support mean for users?

  • Security risks. Without updates, software may become vulnerable to new threats, leaving systems exposed.
  • Compatibility issues. An unsupported product might not work well with newer software or hardware.
  • Lack of technical support: If issues arise, users won't be able to turn to the vendor for help.
  • Regulatory and compliance concerns. In some industries, using unsupported software breaches compliance regulations.