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Dropper definition

A dropper is a type of trojan. Droppers are malicious software that deliver malware and initiate its installation. It’s an innocent-looking program that antivirus software doesn’t recognize as malicious, therefore granting it entry into the system. Once inside, it unloads malware into the device. There are two kinds of droppers: persistent and non-persistent. Persistent droppers will attach themselves to a hidden file and continue providing access to the system even after it’s been restarted. Non-persistent droppers will install malware and delete themselves automatically.

How a dropper can end up on your device

  • Opening malicious email attachments.
  • Visiting malicious websites.
  • Connecting infected media devices.
  • Downloading free software from unknown sources.

How to protect your devices from droppers

  • Do not open emails or download attachments from people you don’t know. If the email seems weird (even if it was sent by someone you know), don’t open any attachments before contacting that person through other channels.
  • Use additional security software like Threat Protection. It will block your access to malicious websites, minimizing the chance of you landing on one and downloading a dropper. It will also scan your downloading files for malware. If a dropper is hiding behind an executable file, Threat Protection will upload it to the cloud and execute it there. It’s a safe environment to determine whether the program is malicious or not, protecting your device from infection.

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