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Domain Name System parking

Domain Name System parking

(also DNS parking)

Domain Name System parking definition

Domain Name System parking refers to registering a domain name for a website or email service without actively using it. A parked domain typically directs to a web server that displays a placeholder web page or advertising.

See also: cybersquatting, DNS record, DNS cache, country code top-level domain

Uses of DNS parking

  • Reservation for future use. Users or companies park domains when they intend to develop a website or service in the near future.
  • Protection of brand or intellectual property. Companies park domains similar to their primary domain or trademark to prevent others from using them.
  • Resale. Buy cheap, sell high. Users use domains as investments — hoping the parked domain will increase in value when the market conditions change.
  • Monetization through advertising. Parked domains often display advertising, letting the owner earn revenue when visitors click ads.
  • Preventing misuse or abuse. The owner parks a domain to prevent others from registering it and using it for malicious purposes, such as phishing or hosting malware.
  • Cybersquatting. An unethical — and sometimes illegal — practice of registering a domain to profit from someone else’s trademark or reputation.

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