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DNS TXT record

(also DNS text record)

DNS TXT record definition

A DNS TXT record is a type of DNS record that contains and stores data about your domain in a text format. A DNS TXT record also contains valuable information that helps external network services and servers deal with outgoing email traffic that originates from your domain. Unlike other DNS records, a DNS TXT record is a multi-purpose record. It’s considered a multi-purpose record because it contains data for machines and instructions that can be read by humans. Most organizations and individuals use DNS TXT records to store general information about their domains and contact details.

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DNS TXT record use cases

Email security. You can use DNS TXT records to avoid being spammed, phished, or otherwise attacked through email. In this case, some of the measures and services that will protect your email include DKIM signing, SPF records, DMARC authentication, and BIMI.

Confirm domain ownership. Some organizations, like Google, Gmail, and many other email providers, use DNS TXT records to confirm domain ownership. And if an email provider or other similar organization can’t confirm the ownership of a domain, it might mark it as risky and block it.