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DNS AAAA record

DNS AAAA record

(also IPv6 address record, DNS Quad-A record)

DNS AAAA record definition

A DNS AAAA record performs the same functions as a DNS “A” record. The difference between the two is that a DNS AAAA record matches a domain name with an IPv6 address, while a DNS “A” record matches a domain name with an IPv4 address.

So with a DNS AAAA record, you can find the IP address of a domain that has an IPv6 address. Also, as IPv4 addresses are getting used up, sites, platforms, portals, and all other types of websites and apps are using IPv6 addresses more and more, making the need for DNS AAAA records greater with each passing day.

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DNS PTR record use cases

Learn the IP address of a domain. Just like with DNS “A” records, people use DNS AAAA records to find the IP addresses for certain domain names. However, with a DNS AAAA record, you can find the IP address of domains and devices that use IPv6 addresses, the newer IP versions.

Ensure that your website can be accessed via IPv6 addresses. If a user that has an IPv6 address wants to access your website, you’ll need to have a DNS AAAA record set up so that the user can do so. Otherwise, if you only have an “A” record, only users and devices with IPv4 addresses will be able to access your website.

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