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Deprecation definition

In software development, deprecation is the process of discouraging developers from using some feature, code, terminology or practice, because it is no longer useful or safe and has been superseded by a better and newer alternative. Developers do not immediately remove the deprecated attribute because doing so may cause errors; it remains supported but not recommended.

Reasons for deprecation

  • A new and more effective feature replaces an outdated one.
  • The feature has some performance, compatibility or security issue or contains some type of flaw, so it should not be used. However, it cannot be removed because the existing code relies on it.
  • The feature is outdated and will eventually be phased out.
  • The software will undergo significant changes in the future, and older features will no longer be supported.
  • Developers standardize the naming of items or increase naming consistency. They keep the old names for compatibility reasons but mark them as deprecated.
  • In the process of developing software, programmers combine some features, which means it is impossible to use the features on their own, so they are marked as deprecated.

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