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Data marketplace

Data marketplace

Data marketplace definition

A data marketplace is a platform where individuals or organizations can buy, sell or exchange various types of data. It may include structured data such as sales data, customer demographics, or unstructured data such as social media, sensor, or text data. Data marketplaces provide a means for companies to monetize their data assets by selling them to other organizations that may find the data useful. In addition to buying and selling data, data marketplaces may also offer other services, like data cleaning, analysis, and visualization to help customers get the most out of the information they have bought.

See also: GDPR

Data marketplace examples

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Exchange allows AWS customers to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud.
  • Google Cloud Marketplace is a platform for finding, buying, and selling cloud-based solutions and services, including data sets and APIs.
  • Snowflake Data Marketplace is cloud-based and provides access to various types of third-party data sets, including financial and demographic data.
  • DataStreamX is a global data marketplace that enables the buying and selling of real-time data, including IoT and social media data.
  • Kaggle is a platform that hosts data science and machine learning competitions, and provides a data marketplace where users can buy and sell datasets for their own analysis.
  • Quandl is a data marketplace that provides access to financial, economic, and alternative data sources, which can be used for investment analysis and research.

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