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(also a file-storing service)

Cyberlocker definition

Cyberlocker is a third-party service for file storage and file sharing. It allows users to upload, store, and share different types of files. Those files can be videos, music, and documents. Cyberlockers provide digital space for users online, usually in the cloud. Cyberlockers store files on various servers, which users can access around the globe while connected to the internet. Both free and paid versions are available.

Cyberlockers are convenient for many users who want to share files online. However, they may be subject to digital piracy and copyright infringement because some users upload copyright-protected files without permission, causing issues for cyberlocker providers.

See also: platform security, system file

Cyberlocker vs. cloud storage

Cyberlockers and cloud storage share many similarities, but they have some key differences. Cloud storage is used for storing and sharing data within a company or a small trusted group of people, while cyberlockers are intended for mass dissemination of content.

Also, cyberlockers often allow users to upload files anonymously, while a cloud storage provider will require you to make an account. Cyberlockers have weaker security policies compared with cloud storage services. This also makes them more susceptible to copyright infringement and piracy.