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Cybercrime definition

Cybercrime is any criminal activity involving computers, computer networks, or networked devices. Cybercriminals use the anonymity and convenience of modern technology to commit crimes against individuals, businesses, and even governments. While most attackers commit cybercrimes for financial gain, some do so for other reasons (such as political beliefs or personal grudges).

How to protect yourself from cybercrime

  • Protect your accounts. Use long, complex passwords and make sure they are different for every account. Set up two-factor authentication where possible, and don’t try to access them on unsecured networks.
  • Be wary of phishing. Even if the person who sent you the link is a close friend, a family member, or a coworker, if the link seems suspicious (uses a URL shortener or the domain name is unfamiliar), don’t click on it without double checking with them first.
  • Use security software. A VPN and an antivirus are essential for securing your digital life. Luckily you don’t need two separate apps for that — NordVPN offers you both a super fast VPN connection and additional malware protection. It helps you identify malware-ridden files before they end up on your device, stops you from landing on malicious websites, and blocks intrusive ads and trackers.

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