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(also Commerce XML)

cXML definition

cXML is a standardized protocol used for the communication of business documents. It's used between suppliers and buyers, primarily in e-commerce systems.

However, its implementation requires careful planning, resource allocation, and ongoing management.

See also: communication protocol

cXML use cases:

E-procurement and supply chains. cXML helps send and receive orders and invoices electronically, and manage how products and information move from suppliers to businesses.

Business systems. cXML can link a company's internal systems (like their inventory or financial systems) with their suppliers' systems.

Benefits of cXML

  • Broad use in B2B. cXML isn't just for orders and invoices; it handles a variety of business documents like shipping notifications and catalog updates.
  • International compatibility. It supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • Works with other standards: cXML can be customized and integrated with different e-commerce standards like EDI.