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Creepware definition

Creepware refers to malicious software, designed to invade the privacy of individuals without their knowledge or consent, spy on their activities, and report data back to the attacker. It involves unauthorized surveillance and tracking the person’s online activities such as their browsing behavior.

See also: spyware, stalkerware, ghostware

How can you detect creepware?

  • Scan your system. If you think your device has been infected with creepware, use an antivirus to check your system.
  • Check for unusual system behavior. Keep an eye on any unusual behavior, such as pop-ups, abrupt shutdowns, or unexpected network activity.
  • Check installed applications. Go over the list of all apps installed on your computer and research the ones you haven’t installed yourself.
  • Check the task manager. Just like checking the installed apps, you can open the task manager and check the names of apps currently running.

How creepware infects a computer

To install creepware on the device, the attacker must have physical access to it or trick the user into installing it themselves. For example, they may send an email with a malicious link or attachment.

That’s why, to prevent creepware you should always keep your software up to date, be careful before clicking on any suspicious links, and only download software from reputable sources.