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Code monkey

Code monkey

Code monkey definition

Code monkey is a slang term for a programmer or developer who is seen as someone who writes code quickly and without much thought or creativity. The term can sometimes be used in a derogatory way to suggest that a programmer is not a true software engineer or that they are only capable of mechanically following instructions without understanding the broader implications of their work.

Code monkeys are also often seen as being focused on completing tasks quickly. This can lead to problems in the future, such as code that is difficult to maintain or debug.

Code monkey vs. script kiddie

Code monkey and script kiddie are both terms used to refer to someone involved in writing code, but they typically describe different types of people.

A code monkey is typically a programmer or developer who is seen as proficient at writing code but who may lack a deep understanding of the overall design or architecture of the project they are working on.

On the other hand, a script kiddie is a term used to describe someone who has little or no programming skills but who is able to use pre-existing code or scripts to perform malicious actions, such as hacking into a computer system.

In general, a code monkey is seen as someone who is competent at their job but who may not have a broad understanding of the field, while a script kiddie is seen as someone who lacks the knowledge and skills to create their own code but who can use others’ code to cause harm.

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