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Cloud enablement

Cloud enablement

(also cloud adoption, cloud transformation)

Cloud enablement definition

Cloud enablement is the process of integrating cloud computing services into an organization’s existing IT infrastructure. In extreme cases, cloud enablement may result in some or all of the organization’s internal operations migrating to the cloud.

See also: public cloud infrastructure, cloud architecture, cloud attack, cloud as a service, cloud VPS, hybrid cloud networking, virtual private cloud

How cloud enablement works

Cloud enablement can be as simple as ordering pre-packaged cloud services for your business. However, organizations may also seek bespoke solutions to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the cloud landscape.

This involves analyzing the existing IT infrastructure to determine pain points (and, conversely, identifying areas that should not be moved to the cloud). Once the assessment is finished, the organization selects a suitable cloud service provider and orders services that address its needs.

For cloud integration to be successful, organizations must train their staff in how to use these new tools. Frequently, this also includes extended cybersecurity awareness training to cover cloud attack vectors and new authentication requirements.

Benefits of cloud enablement

  • One of the key advantages of cloud enablement is the ability to scale resources to meet changing business needs.
  • Cloud enablement provides organizations with access to advanced tools and technologies without having to individually deploy new software across individual machines.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans in the cloud ensure that the organization’s data and services are protected in case of unexpected events.

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