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Class E IP address

(also Class E IP)

Class E IP address definition

Class E IP address is an IP address used for research by individuals responsible for internet networking and IP address development, management, and research. To create a Class E IP address, you must set the first four network address bits to 1, enabling you to use addresses in the range to Continuously set to 1111, the first octet’s higher-order bits of Class E have this value. The E class is not available for use, and its purpose is ambiguous. Due to this, many different network implementations will ignore these addresses, considering them undefined or unlawful. There is no sub-net mask associated with the Class E network.

Additional features:

  • The range is to
  • The number of networks is N/A.
  • The number of hosts per network is Research/Reserved/Experimental.
  • The first octet value ranges from 240 to 255.