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Class C IP address

Class C IP address

(also Class C IP)

Class C IP address definition

Class C IP address is an IP address used in relatively modest local area networks or LANs. Small businesses and household networks typically utilize Class C addresses. By reserving the first three octets of the address space for the network ID, Class C can support nearly 2 million networks. When it comes to IP addresses of class C, the higher-order bits of the first octet are continuously set to the value 110. The network ID is determined using the remaining 21 bits of the address. The host in any given network can be identified using the first 8 bits of the host ID. Each network can have a maximum of 254 hosts. The values of the Class C network number start at 192 and end at 223.

Additional features:

  • The public IP range is to
  • The network ID is 24 bits long.
  • The host ID is 8 bits long.
  • The first octet value ranges from 192 to 223.
  • The special IP range is127.0.0.1 to
  • The private IP range is to
  • The subnet mask is (24 bits).
  • The number of hosts per network is 254.
  • The number of networks is 2,097,150.

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